Thursday, February 18, 2010


And we meet again! :D Sorry for the lag of posts, I know i promised to blog more often. But i got caught up with tons of worrrrrrrkkkkkk. ACK! Alas! Im back! Like what I said before, I work for a big retail company here in the P.I. So that means hectic work days. From ordering new stuff, looking at catalogs, organizing events and a whole lot more!

The good thing about it is that I get first dibs on the brands that I handle. May it be new arrivals or sale items. So where am I going with this? Well, I promised myself that I wasnt gonna go shopping until April (HK trip). But hours ago while I did my weekly store visit, I saw these babies! And boy did my eyes pop out of its sockets. Yes, you said it right my love. I bought them. :| I couldnt resist! How could you resist shoes that are originally worth 12k and now priced at P1950. How?? It's practially a giveaway! If you have good enough reason why I shouldnt have bought them then I'll return them! But for now, these babies will be sleeping right beside me. Eye love. :D

Meet my
Report Signature Pumps.

Toodles lovelies!
Till my next impulse shoppind adventure!

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  1. Nice black pumps! 12k to P1950? Holy mother, that is a bargain!