Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Looklets Anonymous.

Hi, my name is Styleloca, I am a Looklet addict.

Goodness gravy! This website is sooooooo addicting. Make me stop please. :|
It's consuming my life. Okay i'm exaggerating. Hehe!
Try it! I'm sure you'll go crazy like I did!

Favorite look so far.
First looklet entry.

Il go now and do something productive. :D
See you in a bit!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Icon + I + QUE = SUCCESS.

So, it's been a while since my last entry. So sorry about that. Anyway, I think i've mentioned to you guys about my friends up & coming clothing line called IconiQue. We recently did a photoshoot for her website to showcase her undeniably chic designs.

Again, she asked me to be her model cause a.) it's free (just feed me and im good to go) b.) i'm thin and can fit into her xs clothes. and lastly cause im her friend. Cant say no that right?

The plan was to have a nature themed shoot which required trees and lots of greenery, so where to go?? UP Diliman! Location: Check! MUA: Check! Photog: Check! Weather: Negative.

You would think living in the Philippines means it's summer weather all year round yeah? But nooooo! It's always about the extremes here. Either it's major HOT or WET all the way. And that's what we didn't plan on, the rain. Ugh. While having our make up done, Tina ( my other model friend) was doing the sun dance (she's crazy like that). It stopped for while but then poured like there's no tomorrow. Calling off the shoot was not an option because the other photogs were already in UP.  And so we pushed through with it. Found the right spot and the rest was history. Click after Click! We were in hurry cause daylight was our only saviour. The rain didn't dampen our spirits. Outfit after outfit. Wham Bam! We did it in 3 hrs! Spell fast?? I guess it's all about the Photog | Model relationship, you have to work hand in hand to make everything fall into place. All 3 photogs were awesome. Very professional. 

After all the hard work, here's a sneak peak of my friends line called:

Dress used as a top | Harem Pants

Don't you just love how chic and elegant with a modern touch the clothes look? 
Message me if you're interested!

C Gepte - Photographer
Fanz de Luna - Photographer
Ramzen Guison - Photographer
Aimee Unson - MUA

Till my next fashion adventure!
See you in a bit!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I've been contemplating on getting my hair permed and colored for quite some time now. It's been months, now I think i'm determined to get one. I'm just a bit scared that I might get tight curly locks instead of the loose wavy (out of bed look) that im aiming for. How do I tell the hair stylist that?? Can they actually make the curls loose and big? 

But what the heck! Il go take the plunge. Wish me luck!  :{

Here's a photo of how i want my hair to look.

BTW, do follow me on chictopia. http://www.chictopia.com/pattimanalang

See you in a bit!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Still in the process of learning Photoshop. I am a newbie. All I know is how to tinker with the contrast and brightness. 

But guess what, I know how to do this Andy Warhol thingy now! Wee! Aren't you eggzited for me?? Props to Kwakaduck for teaching me a thing or two about Photoshop. Can't wait to edit more pictures. Soon my dear readers. ( if you guys actually exist )

Here's my feeble attempt on photoshop-ing myself. :p

Andy Warhol-ish (im so lame at this. Haha)
Anyway, I gotta go now!

See You in a bit!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Current Mood: Annoyed

This is me looking really annoyed.
I woke up today feeling "ok". Took a shower, dressed up and went downstairs to ride the car, then the driver says "Di kita mahahatid Pat, coding ung kotse chaka sunduin ko kapatid mo". In english "I cant bring you to school". Hassle, i loathe commuting. It sucks my energy. I just HATE it. So i decided to wait for the driver since he's just gonna pick up my brother from school which is 10 mins away from my house. But then... it's been an hour now. Tick tock tick tock. 

Where the hell is the driver?!

*pardon my post. nothing about fashion here. im just venting.

See You in a Bit!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Japan, Japan. (Shibuya)

I have never been in Japan. Never had I thought that the city would be interesting. I just hear a lot of stories that Japan is the most stylish place in the world. 

My mom recently went to Japan for work and when she came back she was so giddy and told me that she wants to live there. As a gift for me she bought me this japanese fashion magazine that would probably match our Preview here in the P.I.

Oh my, Japanese girls are sooooo darn pretty. And their hair is just divine! I've been following this online streetstyle blog from japan called style arena. They have this part where they take pictures of random girls around cities in japan. Among all the cities, I think my style relates to the city of SHIBUYA. 

It's mostly girly with an edge. Just how I like it. And now i'm obssesed with Japanese fashion. Maybe, just maybe my Mum & I would eventually disappear and live in Japan forever. Just a thought. :p

Here's me dumping photos of my current favorite girls.

**photos are from style arena.jp

See you in a bit!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Fully Booked.

Woke up today refreshed and ready to kill it. Had a big breakfast with coffee (explains why im still up). Goal for the day: 1. Buy art stuff for work 2. Cut my bangs 3. Go to photoshoot. 

Check. Check. Check.

Art stuff taken care of by Yaya Crish. Thank God for helpers yah? I love her to death! Then before taking a shower i spent 30 freakin mins cutting my bangs. I had to be precise cause if I make a mistake, il be miserable for weeks. Haha! I learned that one should never cut their bangs or hair for that matter when its wet. Cause our hair shrinks when its wet so if by any chance you decide to cut your bangs wet you'll end up having silly bangs half way up your forehead. So if you dont want that to happen, listen to me. CUT IT DRY. After that grueling 30 mins, VOILA! I lalalalav it! :D


After getting ready I went to my photoshoot appointment at my former school and met up with my SuperFriend A. I asked her to come and help me with the shoot since I needed clothes for it (she’s a designer btw). Its been a while since I last saw her so imagine how excited we were to finally catch up on things. Fast forward. I put on this black dress that A designed for her up & coming clothing line. It was divine. Beautiful craftsmanship. Hands down.

A, being her cute self. :D

I Put on make up and that’s the start of our crazy shoot. It’s been a while since I had this kind of photoshoot, I was a bit nervous but excited at the same time. A & I saw our old friends PJ & Karlo, who had a class just beside where we were shooting so I was a bit shy to do poses cause they were teasing me and wanted to watch. They were suggesting poses and were screaming FIERCE! The whole time. Haha! Who wouldn’t be embarrassed right? Eventually the left and we continued on with the shoot. Click after click. 4 Outfit changes. It turned out uhmazing. Simple but really really nice.

It went by so fast we were done by 630pm. What to do? Call girlfriends and have dinner with them. A and I called J and met up with her at Rockwell. Ate at Pancake House and chatted like there’s no tomorrow. Went home around 9pm, a bit early cause I have work tomorrow and J has school (she’s a CPA / Law Student).


A very productive day indeed. Till my next fashion adventure.


See you in a bit!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Vow.

At long last, it is official. I have now committed myself to the blogging world.
Im making a vow to give you a blow-by-blow account of my daily life adventures.
Follow my everyday journey into the world of fashion, arts and life itself.
Fashion Abomination starts now!

See you in a bit!