Sunday, August 16, 2009

Japan, Japan. (Shibuya)

I have never been in Japan. Never had I thought that the city would be interesting. I just hear a lot of stories that Japan is the most stylish place in the world. 

My mom recently went to Japan for work and when she came back she was so giddy and told me that she wants to live there. As a gift for me she bought me this japanese fashion magazine that would probably match our Preview here in the P.I.

Oh my, Japanese girls are sooooo darn pretty. And their hair is just divine! I've been following this online streetstyle blog from japan called style arena. They have this part where they take pictures of random girls around cities in japan. Among all the cities, I think my style relates to the city of SHIBUYA. 

It's mostly girly with an edge. Just how I like it. And now i'm obssesed with Japanese fashion. Maybe, just maybe my Mum & I would eventually disappear and live in Japan forever. Just a thought. :p

Here's me dumping photos of my current favorite girls.

**photos are from style

See you in a bit!


  1. there's a blog named style arena!?!? i thought that was my idea. boohoo.. you didn't tell me naman..

    i like sushi.

  2. haha! its not really a blog. its kind of a website about japanese street style. but yeah youre not the first one to think about "style arena" :p

    i just discovered it a week ago.

    and yes i like sushi too.