Sunday, September 13, 2009

Icon + I + QUE = SUCCESS.

So, it's been a while since my last entry. So sorry about that. Anyway, I think i've mentioned to you guys about my friends up & coming clothing line called IconiQue. We recently did a photoshoot for her website to showcase her undeniably chic designs.

Again, she asked me to be her model cause a.) it's free (just feed me and im good to go) b.) i'm thin and can fit into her xs clothes. and lastly cause im her friend. Cant say no that right?

The plan was to have a nature themed shoot which required trees and lots of greenery, so where to go?? UP Diliman! Location: Check! MUA: Check! Photog: Check! Weather: Negative.

You would think living in the Philippines means it's summer weather all year round yeah? But nooooo! It's always about the extremes here. Either it's major HOT or WET all the way. And that's what we didn't plan on, the rain. Ugh. While having our make up done, Tina ( my other model friend) was doing the sun dance (she's crazy like that). It stopped for while but then poured like there's no tomorrow. Calling off the shoot was not an option because the other photogs were already in UP.  And so we pushed through with it. Found the right spot and the rest was history. Click after Click! We were in hurry cause daylight was our only saviour. The rain didn't dampen our spirits. Outfit after outfit. Wham Bam! We did it in 3 hrs! Spell fast?? I guess it's all about the Photog | Model relationship, you have to work hand in hand to make everything fall into place. All 3 photogs were awesome. Very professional. 

After all the hard work, here's a sneak peak of my friends line called:

Dress used as a top | Harem Pants

Don't you just love how chic and elegant with a modern touch the clothes look? 
Message me if you're interested!

C Gepte - Photographer
Fanz de Luna - Photographer
Ramzen Guison - Photographer
Aimee Unson - MUA

Till my next fashion adventure!
See you in a bit!

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