Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 3: Picture(s) with friends.

Here's the deal, I have like 3-4 sets of barkadas but they're kinda connected and intertwined somehow and yeah I love every single one of them. They're a handful but they keep me sane. I make sure to always have friend time every weekend cause I think that's healthy and they ease the stress from a week of work.

So posting just 1 photo with friends will do them injustice.

Are you ready?? This is going to be one hell of a post full of photos. Step back and relax.

Last nights friend time:


Superfriends (College)

BATIBOT (Highschool)
THUGLORDS (Highschool)
MENGGS (Highschool)

As i have said, all of them are intertwined and they all know each other. But still they are separate groups of friends?! Gaaah. Its hard to explain! Here's a summary of photos with everyone in it!

Was that confusing or what?? Forgive me. My friends are as crazy as I am.

Off to the Mall now! Must restrain myself from shopping.


Here's what I wore last night to Republiq.
I came from work and had no idea that we were gonna go clubbing hence the conservative look. Was wearing flats, good thing my friend Gracey lend me some sky high shoesies.

Black Gladiator heels + Red Wine Lipstick = Ready for clubbin'

w/ my Posse' :p

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